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: New Chapter

As we go through life, we are faced with numerous choices, each of which offers a unique experience. Recently, I attempted to depict a particular chapter of my life in a visual form.

"What kind of world awaits beyond this door?"

This idea is about how a door can represent new challenges and opportunities. When we open a door, we step into a new place and have a new experience. It's like going on an adventure, where we might encounter obstacles, but also discover new things that inspire us. The door is like an invitation to embrace new possibilities with excitement and courage.

Bring it on, world!!!!


Final animation

"We leave behind the familiar and venture into the uncharted territory, where we may encounter obstacles and surprises, but also find new perspectives and inspiration."

Faculty Advisors:

Ed Cheetham
Jared Greenleaf
Jill Taffet
Nora Gaffney
Morgan Williams
Peter Sakievich
David Broduer 
Christian Huthmacher

Direction/Design/Animation by Kyuri Kim
Music and Sound Design by Kelly Warner


Additional Styleframes




Thank you!

© Copyright Kyuri Kim. All rights reserved.

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