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Universal production music

Feel my rhythm

Visualization | 2022 

Home to the most innovative composers, songwriters and producers, Universal delivers music that captures passionate audiences the world over.Universal offers over 2,700 digital albums from more than 37 global libraries. The catalog is continuously evolving with over 100 new albums produced each year.


To create a fascinating visualization of one of the new musical releases from the Universal Production Music studio. The animation visually interprets the music while introduces the name of the release.

The current Universal Production Music user is a producer, editor, or art director. These users are usually male, 40-50 years old. Universal is looking to expand into a younger, more gender-balanced demographic. They are looking for 25 year-olds to think of Universal for their music licensing.

Artboard [1-35]-png Comp 1-min.gif
Phonetic Voice - Sideways
00:00 / 02:16

Final animation

Feel my rhytum   00:32:00

"Music is always with us and makes us feel the rhythm. Imagine if you enter the world of music. This place would be full of abstract shapes and various colors."


Direction 1

Additional frames


Album cover

Album cover 1.png

Web page

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